The First Overseas KUNGFU Store Opened in Penang, Malaysia

Due to the continued impact of COVID-19, the Malaysian government has repeatedly implemented policies of lockdown for more than a year. The construction of KUNGFU Store has been suspended and the opening time has been repeatedly postponed. Through the efforts, KUNGFU Store in Penang, Malaysia officially opened on November 15, 2021.

KUNGFU Store is located in Penang, an important tourist city in northwestern Malaysia. It is located in the Maritime Square, a CBD with convenient transportation and large traffic. It covers an area of ​​90 square meters. It specially selected ‘batik’ which is Malaysian local characteristics as the wall surface, and integrated international concepts, modern styles and local Malaysian elements. Its atmospheric, modern and fashionable style follows the brand tenet of "Kung Fu, To the Future".

KUNGFU Store mainly sells KUANZHAI cartridges and KUNGFU heating devices. The store has 3 areas, including display area, experience area and cashier area, offering customers the core, open and immersive consumer experience. In the display area, there is a heating device split device and a cigarette smoking demonstration device. The clerk will provide customers with professional explanations to help customers know more about the internal principles, functional features and unique advantages of the products. In the experience area, customers can try the products, read the introduction manual, and watch the promotional videos and posters. The cashier area provides fast one-stop check services.

Welcome to the KUNGFU Store in Penang, Malaysia to enjoy the pleasure from KUANZHAI cartridges and KUNGFU heating devices! KUNGFU Store in Odessa, Ukraine will open in the near future.