KUANZHAI Heated Tobacco Officially Went on The Oceania Market for Sale

Since the beginning of this year, KUANZHAI has actively responded to the epidemic and strived to cultivate the international first-class brand of heated tobacco. On October 16th of New Zealand time, "KUANZHAI" heated tobacco was officially launched in New Zealand, which is another breakthrough after "KUANZHAI" came into the European market.

There are three flavors launched, including original plus, mint plus and blueberry, scheduled to be sold in more than thirty e-cigarette stores in Auckland. The price for each pack is set to be 13 New Zealand Dollars. The news of KUANZHAI going to the New Zealand market was released on Skykiwi.com. KUANZHAI products will be distributed in other cities such as Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown as the pandemic abates.